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Automatic Meter Reading / Energy Management System

The growing demand in automating the meters for both energy audit and for billing solution had made us invest in R&D, which has evolved as a product today.

Krishna Energy is proud to introduce an Energy Monitoring Solution, through Power Line Communication. The system offers Energy consumption details (EB and DG separately) of a building, floor-wise or tenant-wise based on the topography of building.


Highlights of the system:

  • No extra cabling is required across the building from Energy meter to Centralized computer
  • No extra service providers, so no recurring costs
  • Technology use the existing Power Line to communicate the energy consumption details to centralized computer
  • Integrated with a web-based application which can be used in internet or intranet
  • EB - KWH and DG - KWH measured separately
  • PF - EB and PF - DG measured separately
  • EB Running Hours and DG running hours per day
  • (Real Time Clock) RTC based system
  • Can see instant voltage / current values
  • Hardware can be retrofitted to existing static energy meter (Require Protocol details)
  • Minimal implementation time
  • No meter reading personnel's required
  • No data collection cost
  • Energy consumption history
  • Can include Fuel consumption of diesel tank in the application
  • Maintenance cost is reduced
  • Energy Audit done automatically as historical data available. No separate energy auditing required
  • Location of energy losses can be determined through analysis of data
  • Tampering of meters can be identified
  • User friendly web-based system provided, no client software required. Just view the reports in web-browser. As simple as checking emails.
  • Trend analysis and graphical representations of energy and fuel consumption (can provide even re-fill time / status)
  • Alerts and alarms provided in the application as required by the client.
  • Energy loss report between Incomer and load provided
  • Maximum demand controller can be integrated with the system (Alarm and Trip conditions)
  • Reports can be customized as per the client's requirement.
  • Application can be easily integrated to Tenant Billing.

The company has extensively invested time and money to develop the solution which can disseminate data on a real time basis, besides a comprehensive billing solution. The advantage to the implementer is the cost and time to implement such a solution.

Power line communication (PLC) has been developed to create an effective communication network using the same electrical infrastructure that supplies all the network elements, without adding any new and expensive cables or RF.

A narrowband communication over power lines is sufficient for simple information exchange as measure, command to actuators, check system and so on, allowing a wide number of applications in both outdoor and indoor environments.

For example, utilities can use the outdoor network for remote street lighting control and monitoring or for Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and Management (AMM), providing at the same time many client services like power consumption control and tariff selection.

On the other side, the indoor electrical grid can be used to connect appliances realizing home or building automation, security and safety systems, temperature and lighting.

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