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Krishnaa Energy has been in R&D for a long time investing money and time to develop our own energy meters and today we offer more than 30 types of energy meters used for different industries in the electrical side. This division was basically created keeping in mind the various problems faced using other company’s energy meters and that the product should be a class in kind product. We have also integrated our Power Line Communication plug in card as a add on for customers who wishes to do power analysis and automation of their premises. The various meters we manufacture are:


3 Ph HT- KWh Meter (KHN3309H)

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  • 0.5 class accuracy, ETDC certified
  • PT Programmable – Primary and Secondary
  • CT Programmable – Primary and Secondary
  • Pass word protected
  • 3 Row LCD with backlit
  • RS485 Communication(MODBUS compatibility)
  • In built temperature compensation to maintain accuracy
  • Weightless
  • Covered screw terminals
Technical specifications
  • Accuracy : class 0.5
  • Resolution : 0.1
  • System : 3Phase 4wire
  • Input Voltage : 3 X 63.5V (L-N), 3 X 110V (L-L)
    (PT Pry Value - field programmable 1-33 KV)
    (PT Sec Value - field programmable 100-120V)
  • Input Current : CT operated
    (CT Pry Value - field programmable 1-6000A)
    (CT Sec Value - field programmable 1-5A)
  • Basic current : 5A or 1A
  • Maximum current : 120% of Basic current
  • Starting Current : 0.1 % of Ib
  • Measuring Range : Four Quadrant Measurement
  • Meter Constant : 3200 impulses/Kwh
  • Aux supply : 85 to 265 V AC
    40 to 300 V DC
  • Burden : Voltage Circuit < 1.0VA
    Current Circuit < 0.5VA
    Auxiliary Supply < 1.0VA
  • Display : LCD with green backlit
    1 Row X 8 Digits 10mm height & 2 digits 5mm height.
  • Communication : RS 232/ RS 485 with MODBUS RTU
  • Meter Configuration : Through 4 no of soft Keys on front fascia
  • Dimension : 96mm X 96mm X 48mm (Including connectors)
  • Panel Cutout : 92mm X 92mm (tolerance + 0.5mm on both sides)
  • Mounting : Panel mounting (spring loaded side Clamp for fixing)
  • Termination : Covered screw terminals
  • Temperature : Operating Temp -10 to 55 º C, Storage Temp -20 to 70 º C, Humidity 5 to 95% RH at 50 º C (Non-condensing)
  • Weight : 350g approx
Display Parameters:(Phase Sequence)
  • PT Primary value
  • PT Secondary Value
  • CT Primary value
  • CT Secondary value
  • Phase Sequence
  • Real Power
Meter variance
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All the above meters are with and without communication card which is optional to the client

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